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Obama's Stump Speech Becomes Pity Party | The Daily Caller

It can't be his fault that Washington is so divided

President Barack Obama’s June 27 effort to boost the flagging morale of his supporters quickly devolved into a demoralizing pity party.

Republicans “don’t do anything except block me and call me names,” he told supporters, only a few days after it was revealed that his economy shrank 2.9 percent in the first three months of 2014.

“If we make some basic changes, we can create more jobs and lift more incomes and strengthen the middle class… I know it drives you nuts that Washington isn’t doing it,” he said. “It drives me nuts.”

“It’s easy to be cynical; in fact, these days it’s kind of trendy,” Obama added, as polls show that his numbers are hovering in the low 40s.

“Sometimes when I get stymied [in Washington] you’d think… maybe it’s just too tough, maybe things won’t change.  And I get that frustration.  And the critics and the cynics in Washington, they’ve written me off more times than I can count,” he said, only four months away from the mid-term election that could install a GOP majority in the Senate.

Even when he tried to be optimistic, he tried to minimize his promises. “What we’re fighting for every day, is designed not to solve every problem, but to help just a little bit,” Obama explained.

That’s a huge downshift from 2008 when he declared his election would lead to a drop in the globe’s sea-level.

Through much of the speech, he repeatedly reminded listeners about the terrible state of the Obama economy, and the political divisiveness in Washington during the Obama administration.

Yet he offered himself as a cure to his own problems. “I ran for office to make sure that anybody who is working hard to meet their dreams has somebody in Washington that is listening,” he said.

“I’m always going to keep listening, and I’m always going to keep fighting,” he said, without promising any actual gains for Americans.

“Your cares and your concerns are my own, and your hopes for your kids and your grandkids are my own… I am not going to get cynical; I’m staying hopeful, and I hope you do too,” Obama concluded.

The mid-term elections take place on November 4.

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