Leadership of Boston Bus Drivers Union Helps Lead Call For 'Intifada' Near Scene of Boston Bombing | Truth Revolt - Liar Liar!
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Leadership of Boston Bus Drivers Union Helps Lead Call For 'Intifada' Near Scene of Boston Bombing | Truth Revolt

On Monday August 4, 2014, an Israeli Arab drove a tractor into a nearly empty bus in Jerusalem and overturned it. An Israeli law enforcement officer shot the terrorist to death, but not before the terrorist killed at least one Israeli and injured several others.

Attacks like this are all too regular occurrences in Israel.

Palestinians have hijacked tractors and other pieces of construction equipment and used them to murder civilians in Jerusalem. Bus attacks are also regular occurrences. During the Second Intifada, Palestinian terrorists threw firebombs at buses, and blew them up with suicide bombs. In one notable instance, a Palestinian terrorist once hijacked an Israeli bus and drove it over a cliff, killing many of its passengers.

Such inhumane acts are despicable, but there are a number of people and institutions in the city of Boston that seem to think that such attacks are good things. During the month of July, as fighting raged in Gaza between Israel and Hamas, so-called peace activists took to the streets of Boston and demonized the state of Israel and its Jewish supporters with signs that equated Zionism with Nazism. Others carried signs that falsely accused Israel of genocide.

They did these things at anti-Israel rallies that took place in July. The rallies were  organized and publicized by a number of so-called peace groups, including, oddly enough, Jewish Voice for Peace.

Even a number of gay rights organizations have supported these rallies, which seems pretty odd given that in 2011, Hamas declared that homosexuals would be executed. Seeing gay rights activists condemn Israel, which respects the rights of gays and lesbians, as it seeks to defeat Hamas, a group that would murder them is simply bizarre.

What is even more bizarre and contemptible is to see union leaders who represent bus drivers siding with people who have blown up buses.

It’s happening in Boston.

The union in question is United Steel Workers 8751 and the leaders in question are local president Steven Kirschbaum, and his second-in-command, vice president Steven Gillis.

The local and its leaders have been in an ugly contract dispute with their employer Veolia, which runs the school buses for the city of Boston. Veolia also runs bus lines in Israel and has been the target of anti-Israel BDS activists.

In an effort to gain support for their fight with Veolia , the leaders of USW 8751 have taken their dispute too far, past the bounds of decency.

Kirschbaum and Gillis were prominent participants at an Al Quds celebration that took place in Boston on July 25, 2014.

For people who don’t know, Al Quds Day celebrations were initiated by Ayatollah Khoemeni in Iran in 1979. These celebrations, which have spread to many cities throughout the world, are scenes of terrible anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist and anti-American incitement. People at these rallies have called for the murder of Jews.

At the rally in Boston in late July, protesters chanted in support of the Intifada. And USW 8751 leaders played a central role in this rally. During the event, the local’s president, Kirschbaum, consulted with the people who led the chants at the rally and the subsequent march down Boylston Street.

In addition to chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” a call for Israel’s destruction, they also chanted “Long Live the Intifada! Intifada! Intifada!”

And they chanted this slogan into megaphones and microphones. And USW 8751’s vice president Gillis helped broadcast this message by carrying a speaker on his head as the crowd, more accurately described as a mob, made its way down Boylston Street, just a short walk from the scene of the 2013 Marathon Bombing.


Gillis with speaker on head

Gillis with speaker on head. (Photo Courtesy CAMERA)


And Kirschbaum helped lead the march as it made its way down the street.


Kirschbaum directs rally. (Photo courtesy CAMERA)


The rally that took place on July 25, 2014 was a pro-terror event. No one can chant a pro-Intifada slogan and claim otherwise.

By assisting in this rally as they did, Kirschbaum and Gillis, leaders of a bus drivers union, helped violence legitimate against buses, just what we saw during the Second Intifada.

The upshot is this: People who have children in Boston Public Schools might want to think twice about putting them on the yellow school bus this September. It might be a better idea to drive them or walk them to school instead of putting them into the custody of bus drivers who have elected people like this to serve as their union leaders.

Boston parents who put their children on the school buses will ultimately be supporting a bus drivers' union whose leadership promotes terrorism (against buses no less!) in Israel. They are also helping to promote anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism and by participating in an Al Quds Day Celebration, anti-Americanism in the city in they live.

What will the members of USW 8751 do? What will the national and national leaders of United Steel Workers do?

What will the civic leaders in the city of Boston do?

USW 8751 has transgressed the bounds of decency in a shocking and high-handed manner.

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