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ISIS Operation Has New Website, but Still No Name - Washington Wire - WSJ

The Pentagon unveiled a new Web page Friday for tracking the ongoing war in Iraq and Syria. The new page was labelled “Targeted Operations Against ISIL Terrorists.”

But Adm. Kirby denied that the website label was the name of the new operation, so the war continues remains without a moniker. In a front page article in The Wall Street Journal today, we look at how names were chosen in previous operations, as well as names that were rejected, and review a list of possible candidates for the current engagement in Iraq and Syria. 

The topic came up in the Pentagon briefing Friday.

“There are names being considered for this operation against ISIL, as is common practice those names are being considered at the Combatant Command level,” Adm. Kirby said. “There is an approval process that has to take place.”

The U.S. has named its operation to assist Liberia with the Ebola outbreak. It’s called Operation United Assistance. Adm. Kirby said one reason that the mission was quickly given a name was because a joint task force was quickly set up to coordinate the American response.

“We had to stand up a joint task force, and when you stand up a joint task force you are creating an organization from nothing so it is common practice to assign it a name,” Adm. Kirby said.

Because the Iraq and Syria mission is administered through standing component commands it did not need a name to start. But as the mission has grown, Adm. Kirby said, the calculus is changing and a name is being considered.

“We are taking a look at naming it,” Adm. Kirby said. “I am not getting ahead of decisions that haven’t been made yet.”

Adm. Kirby said “as far as he knew” no names have been “proffered” to the Pentagon for the new war in Iraq and Syria.

But defense officials said that military planners have suggested the name Operation Inherent Resolve, a suggestion quickly dismissed by aides to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Senior officials have said the name was not a formal submission, but other officials have said the suggestion from U.S. Central Command was considered and rejected by Pentagon officials.

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