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O'Reilly's Jesse Watters visits a beach and asks some US History questions on Memorial Day | Ignorance Abounds!

On Memorial Day, O'Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters visited Jones Beach in Wantagh, N.Y, to find out whether the revelers there knew why they had the opportunity to spend the day at the ocean-- and not at work or school.

"Do you know why you're off today?" Watters asked.

"Why..." a young woman responded, visibly trying to think of the correct answer.

"America?" another guessed.


"Who did America fight in the Revolutionary War?" Jesse asked some other beachgoers: receiving answers including 'France' and 'China'.

One man confused the battle for independence with the war our nation fought just under four score and seven years later.

"The Revolutionary War? [We fought] ourselves," a young man said.


The reasoning for that 19th Century conflict also proved a conundrum to those on the beach.

"What was the Civil War about?" Jesse asked.

"I couldn't be able to tell you," a young black man answered.

One vacationer vaguely stated that the Civil War was fought over "civilization".


There was similar confusion among some of the beachgoers as to whether the Confederacy won the war, or the Union in which they stood.

"Not the Confederates--" one woman thought aloud, "the Northeast or whatever!"

 "Abraham Lincoln: he was in the North or the South?" Jesse asked two women.

"He was in the South," one said.

"He was in the North," Jesse corrected.

"No, but wasn't he--didn't he live in the south?" the woman asked her friend.

 When Watters asked about World War II, the answers were also mixed.

"Wow I just learned this too... [If] my teacher watches this he'll probably be real mad."  a woman said.

Others attested that Vietnam, China, as well as the American South were the United States' adversaries.

"Germany and Japan," one of the vacationers confidently answered.

Watters later asked two brothers about the December 7, 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

"That's a tough question," one answered, when asked to identify the incident's aggressor.

Neither were able to correctly identify Japan, instead guessing China, Russia, as well as Korea.

"Who won the Cold War?" Watters later asked.

"I'm not the best historian here," a woman sheepishly answered.

"I would say we won, because our goal was to stop Communism," a man answered.

One vacationer described the Cold War as the United States and Russia acting like "frenemies" following World War II.

"Why did they call it the Cold War?" Watters asked, receiving an answer describing the Kremlin's climate.


A number of visitors later claimed that Osama bin Laden was the Iraqi dictator toppled by US forces in the present century.

"You know, we kill everybody," one of the previous brothers said.

Many also misidentified President Barack Obama as the Commander-in-Chief during the operation.

"This is terrible!" one woman said.

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