Maher: Obama's Foes 'Hate Him In a Way They Never Hated Before' Because He's Black - FACTOIDS
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Maher: Obama's Foes 'Hate Him In a Way They Never Hated Before' Because He's Black

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On the September 9 Charlie Rose show Bill Maher pronounced that Barack Obama “will be treated in history very kindly” because future generations will realize “he’s dealing obviously with things that no other president had to ever deal with.”  

When Rose asked Maher if he meant the bad economy and ISIS Maher agreed and then added that because Obama is black his political opponents “hate him in a way they never hated before.”

Maher then explained his political foes like Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Fox New’s Bill O’Reilly would: “never recognize it or admit it, but it is that. There’s a certain in your face, in your space disrespect that this president has had to put up with. Like being hackled at the State of the Union or the governor of Arizona when she stuck her finger in his face or when Bill O’Reilly interviews him and he interrupts him every two seconds. You don’t do that to a president.”

Later in the show Maher praised Obama for his calmness in the face of his opposition, to which Rose added: “he seems to sort of float above it”:

BILL MAHER: I think that Obama’s greatest quality has been calm. I think he’s the calmest president we have ever had. You know, he drives them nuts. They don’t drive him nuts.

CHARLIE ROSE: No, that’s true. He seems not to. I mean he seems to sort of float above it.

Since Rose and Maher agreed that Obama was doing a good job, Rose wondered why Obama was doing so badly in the polls? To which Maher replied: “Because people are dummies. They don’t know what’s going on.”

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