Homeowner wants to sell house but says squatter won't leave - FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV - FACTOIDS
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Homeowner wants to sell house but says squatter won't leave - FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

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FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

Detroit, Mich. (WJBK)--One Detroit homeowner can't get rid of a squatter from a house she's trying to sell. Sarah Hamilton says she has been threatened with a knife and had the police called on her after an altercation.

Lynn Williams, who is squatting, says that the owner tried to run her down with her car which Hamilton who got arrested, denies.

But, Williams openly admits to squatting in Hamilton's house on Artesian.

"I squatted," Williams said. "I was scared, but I did it, so I won't be homeless and out on the street."

Williams has been there for a few weeks, but her boyfriend Lucas Burger says he told Lynn she could live there and be legit.

Burger claims to have called a man by the name of Jamal, from New Jersey. Lucas says owns this dwelling on Artesian in Detroit.

"He's like, we'll do a deal," Burger said. "'(As long as) she keeps my property safe.'"

But the owner is actually Sarah Hamilton who says she has the deed - and has no idea who 'Jamal' is.

"I don't know Jamal," she said. "I am the owner, I have the deed." 

"I'm doing a third party short sale on the house. I went to meet the guy there to basically finalize everything, let him walk through and there was someone squatting in the home," explained Hamilton. "It was actually an old neighbor."

Sarah's talking about Williams.

"The police were called, the bank was notified, we went in removed all the belongings," Hamilton said.

But neighbors on the block were alarmed, and thought Lynn was being robbed when they saw the items on the curb and called 9-1-1. Police came, quick.

"I had permission from the bank and I also had permission from the police," Hamilton said. "The police told me there is no more squatters rights, you have the right to take back your property.

"You don't have the right to physically touch anyone in the home. But once you come in and say you have to get out, this is my house you are not welcome here, you are trespassing. If they don't leave you can call the police. But police were already there."

Hamilton says police left before she could finish giving Williams the boot.

"(Williams) came from down the street with a knife and tried to stab me," Hamilton said. "We had to hop in the car, drove forward and drove in reverse, we were on the grass."

"When she skirted off, words were exchanged," Burger said. 

"He proceeded to say that I would end up in a lake," Hamilton said. "He proceeded to say if her belongings were taken out, the house would be fire-bombed."

"She tried to run me move with her vehicle," Williams said.

"I never hit anybody," Hamilton said. 

The police were called again and a report was made. A few hours later, Fox 2 met with Hamilton. she was livid, she could not believe this.

"But yet they are back in the house, living," Hamilton said.

Fox 2 saw it all and caught it on camera. Moving the curb stuff back inside the house , so Detroit police was requested again, this time by Hamilton.

Hamilton, the homeowner, was arrested for felonious assault, because of what Williams said, went down when Hamilton was kicking her out of the house.

"I was floored, I was hysterical," Hamilton said. "I don't understand how being the victim, I ended up in jail."

Handcuffed, car-towed, and carted off to jail Hamilton spent 19 hours locked up.

"I talked to a detective today, he believed me, he waived the warrant and here I am," Hamilton said.

But Williams is still squatting in Hamilton's house.

"I'm not going to be pushed away in fear, of going to jail of her making a false police report," Hamilton said. "At the end of the day, you're wrong," said Hamilton. "When you do bad things someone has to pay the consequences and it can't be the good person paying the consequences. She told her story, now I'm telling mine."

Hamilton plans to fight to her property back and hopes to get an attorney to help her stand up for homeowners in the city. 

Williams, the squatter, believes she has every right to be there, even though a new law deems squatters rights, are all wrong. 

Stay tuned.

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