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America Flexes: U.S. sends warships to Yemen

In the latest escalation of tensions in the Middle East, the United States has dispatched warships to Yemen allegedly to blockade any attempt by Iran to send weapons to that nation

Today, the Pentagon sent an aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the guided missile cruiser, USS Normandy to join other U.S. Navy warships already in the area, but denied that the ship’s mission was to intercept Iranian shipments of arms to the Houthi rebels in Yemen. This denial comes even though the U.S. has been strengthening is presence and naval fire power in the area at the same time reports of as many as eight Iranian ships are headed toward Yemen allegedly carrying weapons.

The situation in the Persian Gulf and in particular in Yemen is highly volatile and complicated. Saudi Arabia, a U.S. ally is leading a coalition of forces to fight the Iranian-backed rebels there. In the meantime, the President Obama’s administration is scurrying to complete and agreement with Iran on its nuclear program.

The stated purpose of increased naval presence in the area as well as sending additional warships to the region is to “
ensure the vital shipping lanes in the region remain open and safe.

There are now about nine U.S. Navy ships in the region, including cruisers and destroyers carrying teams that can board and search other vessels, as well as three support ships”, according to a Fox News report today on the situation.

Tensions all over the Middle East continue to escalate and with this most recent deployment of American naval power to the waters near Yemen, President Obama’s attempts to reach out to Iran and to negotiate nuclear agreements with the Iranian regime that would allegedly restrict the country’s development of nuclear weapons could be at stake with a potential confrontation looming on the horizon.


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