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Would Obama be getting away with all of this if he were white? - Allen B. West - AllenBWest.com

I know everyone is talking about Obama’s unconstitutional actions, granting legal status to some 5.2 million illegal immigrants. If there’s one thing Obama and his spinmeisters are experts at, it’s the ability to change the dialogue in the country to a topic of their choosing.

Here we see Obama trying to make himself relevant again after a monumental drubbing on November 4th. What was a massive loss has been converted into a lawless triumph for an intransigent ideologue — you can’t spin this executive action in any other way. The carefully-crafted rhetoric of President Obama Thursday night may fool a few, but not the many. Obama is a man angry with America for rejecting him and he is firmly focused on imposing his will “by any means necessary,” as for him and the progressive socialist left, the ends justifies the means – the end being their fundamental transformation of America.

But the master of deception — as we have learned from Jonathan Gruber — has once again distracted America. Heck, I bet most folks have already forgotten Jonathan Gruber, if they even knew who he was in the first place.

And so we’re not talking about economic growth and how many Americans still remain out of work or working extra part-time jobs to make ends meet. We’re no longer going to talk about the second enrollment period of Obamacare and the incredible increase in deductibles and premiums facing Americans. We’re not discussing the employer mandate delay — also implemented unconstitutionally – which will end early next year and the adverse effects it will have on employer-based health insurance plans.

We’ve moved on from analyzing the horrible climate change agreement signed by President Obama with the Chinese that of course forces no restrictions on the Chinese but massive restrictions on America — which will result in higher energy costs for Americans.

And we’re certainly not talking about whether America is engaged in a combat operation. Y’all remember those fellas called ISIS that we were told would be degraded, defeated, and destroyed — kinda like al-Qaida is on the run and has been decimated? Sometimes you have to go outside the U.S. press to find out what’s really happening “over there” because our own media doesn’t seem to care.

According to a report from Reuters, “U.S. air strikes on a Syrian border town with Turkey killed at least two militants from Nusra Front, in the fourth such attack against the al-Qaida affiliate group since September, a monitoring group and Syrian activists said on Thursday. The U.S. military said in a statement on Wednesday the strikes, which a monitoring group and several activists said took place late on Tuesday, destroyed a “storage facility run by veteran al-Qaida operatives” known as The Khorasan Group, whose members Washington says are plotting external attacks against the United States.”

I don’t mean to sound dismissive but an airstrike that killed two bad guys? Heck, we could do better if they’d just had a truck accident. And notice that the two “militants” were not even from ISIS but rather al-Qaida affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra front — but I thought al-Qaida was decimated and on the run. So are we now engaged in combat against al-Qaida’s Nusra front? And a storage facility run by al-Qaida operatives? What is the operational intent of our air combat operations?

This all has the trappings of “mission creep” and unseen escalation of combat actions in lieu of a dedicated and focused strategy. And when you don’t have strategic surveillance, “two residents near the rural border area of Harem in Idlib province said at least six civilians including two women and a child were injured in a residential house close to the house hit by the U.S. strike” — yes, collateral damages which could be reduced if you had “boots on the ground” providing accurate targeting information — or else you bomb a milk factory.

What is my point? America under President Barack Hussein Obama is a nation adrift, going from crisis to crisis with nothing ever resolved — just another new adverse situation.

Heck, I even forgot we have Secretary of State John Kerry negotiating with Iran over their nuclear program — and that is falling apart as well. You see, the Iranians know that Obama is the lamest of lame ducks and has no stomach for foreign policy issues. Oh, not to mention, we just had Russian bombers circle the Pacific island of Guam — where we have forces stationed. Not to mention that Vladimir Putin has made his move into Ukraine with his forces.

How has America allowed all this to happen? I’m going to ask that singular question that no one wishes to bring up — is it because we’ve lowered the bar so low just to satisfy the requirement of having the first black president? America, would we tolerate this from a white president?

Is the reason why Obama can act in such a manner is because he truly knows we will not hold him to any standard or make him accountable? After all, it’s all the fault of those white men — Republicans. Or the travails of the country are because of the white racist Tea Party people. Doggone, even Al Sharpton says his tax evasion issues are because we don’t like having a black president. Have we become so blinded to truth and devoid of a national character that we will allow a “historical moment” to be more important than the sanctity of our Constitutional Republic?

Nothing is going right for America under Obama — the first black president — and so will we continue along this path because it’s time for the first woman president? Oops, and I forgot, there’s that grand jury decision we’re awaiting in Ferguson, Missouri — who cares about justice and truth there? And this was supposed to be our post-racial America.

I do believe America will survive Barack Hussein Obama and his destructive policies — accompanied by a lawlessness and incompetence never before witnessed in the history of America. However, ask yourselves — at what cost to America?

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