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Why Obama is driving Jews from the Democratic Party | New York Post

A  friend who is conservative and  Jewish asks a question: “Given  Obama’s hostile treatment of  Israel, isn’t it time for Jews to have their Ronald Reagan moment?”

By that, he means when the Gipper said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.”

Without doubt, the party under Barack Obama has left those Jews who view Israel’s security as threatened.

Obama recently told a New York Times interviewer, “Because Israel is so capable militarily, I don’t worry about Israel’s survival.”

That’s shocking, considering Iran’s threat to wipe Israel off the map once it gets nukes. And even as Obama spoke, the Jewish state was in a mini-war with Hamas, which vows to eliminate Israel and is supported by Iran.

Obama apparently doesn’t take those aims seriously, perhaps believing they are only boob bait for the Muslim masses. But if “Kill the Jews” is what the masses want to hear, why assume that isn’t official policy? After all, many thought Hitler wasn’t serious, either.

Israel can’t afford to assume its enemies will only talk the talk, so it must act as if those who say they want genocide really do. That’s why it doesn’t play tit-for-tat when it is attacked, and why it is so nervous about Iran.

But Obama’s lack of worry about Israel isn’t limited to his rhetoric, as The Wall Street Journal revealed. The president’s pique at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached a new high during the Hamas conflict, and Obama is now putting a squeeze on military shipments to Israel.

The State Department insists this is routine, nothing to see here, blah, blah, blah. Nonsense.

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