[Watch] Obama Rediscovers His "Black Accent," Tells Black Voters Amnesty is Good For Them and GOP is blocking it - - Liar Liar!
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[Watch] Obama Rediscovers His "Black Accent," Tells Black Voters Amnesty is Good For Them and GOP is blocking it -

It must be a great luxury and perhaps it is even a necessity for a lying political operative to have an ignorant voting population that believes whatever he says, never bothering to examine the substance or the impact of his actions.

Being able to rely upon the blind prejudices of a color or ethnicity-based voting bloc has enabled the socialist Democrats and Hussein Obama to become what they are today. Obama has once again exhibited his racist divisionist politics, portraying his opposition as “just being against him,” with the obvious inference being that it is because of his color and has nothing to do with his destructive policies or his corruption.

When you’re pandering to that type of an audience, appearance is key, so Obama goes out of his way to exhibit his “folksy black accent,” sending the message that he’s just like one of them and that he can be trusted. It’s particularly evident during his “American apple pie” comments.

His audience should know by now that he’s not just like one of them, and he certainly has shown repeatedly that he is a liar who can’t be trusted, but they can’t see beyond the commonality of their skin. They should know that the amnesty packaged by the leftists as “the right thing to do” will put them out of work and lower their wages, but that would require scrutiny, effort and honesty. They’re just happy that it’s a black guy in office. The fact that he’s destroying their future right along with everyone else’s never enters into the picture.

Obama tells the malleable masses that Democrats are for the things that will help “working families,” not American citizens, but any and all working families regardless of who they are, through a hopeless prison of socialism, which he deliberately mislables as hope.

They eat it up, never knowing that what they are consuming is actually a poison that is destroying them and their country from the inside out. All they care about is it tastes good going down, and it’s in the right kind of wrapper.

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