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Taxing Soda is a Way for Uncle Sam to Show that He Loves Us

Taxing soda and other sugary beverages is proposed as a way to show how much Uncle Sam loves us. But if he really cares, wouldn’t he also tax ice cream and cake and cookies and pies and lots more sugary stuff?

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the revenue go up.

A Connecticut Congresswoman wants to save you from yourself, with a one-cent tax on every spoonful of sugar put into beverages. The tax would be plowed back into programs to combat diabetes and tooth decay and things like that, says Rosa DeLauro.

But why stop at sodas? Let’s also tax ice cream, cakes, cookies, pies, and of course Twinkies. But since rich people could pay the tax and keep on getting fat, we could force them to run at least five miles a day. Carrying a bag of rocks.

Then let’s do what Japan does: Measure people’s waistlines each year and punish those whose bellies are too big.

After all, if it’s for our own good, why only tax sugar in soda? Let’s force everybody to be healthy and show them that Uncle Sam really does love them.

With insights, I’m Ernest Istook.

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