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Mark Levin Says This Senator Should Be Dragged Before a Federal Grand Jury

LISTEN to Mark Levin tear apart the corruption of the Democrats in their efforts to silence conservatives through the power of the IRS.

On Wednesday, TPNN reported on a bombshell story. Emails obtained by Judicial Watch provide extensive, clear, and disturbing evidence of major collusion between Democrat Senator Carl Levin and senior officials in the targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups.

For months, Democrats have denied any knowledge of or participation in this IRS scandal. Barack Obama himself said there was not even a smidgen of corruption and claimed the scandal is essentially phone. But, the emails tell a different story and Mark Levin calls out the major players in this corruption and cover-up. 

This is the scandal of all scandals because all roads to funding the federal government, pretty much go through the Internal Revenue Service. And the liberals love the Internal Revenue Service, they love the Internal Revenue code because you find it confounding and overwhelming. And this is how they catch you. They love it so much that Obamacare is laundered through the IRS. 

Mark explains that Senator Carl Levin, whom he describes as a nasty man, is in the most powerful position in the Senate. As the Chairman of the Subcommittee Investigative Committee, he has standing subpoena power. In a flagrant abuse of power, he used his position to write letters that threatened the IRS and pushed them to go after Tea Party groups. Even worse, Mark said, “he wasn’t just calling for the investigation of these groups, he was calling for the prosecution of these groups.”

Carl Levin is retiring and, at that time, there will be no constitutional protection to provide him immunity. He will have to answer for what Mark says is “working hand in glove with the Internal Revenue Service to unleash the IRS, or as I call it the IRSS, against many of you and many of the organizations that you hold dear.” Mark calls for even further action against Carl Levin. 

This guy should be dragged before a grand jury, and the sooner the better because he’s retiring and after he retires, ladies and gentlemen, there is no immunities clause in the Constitution that can protect him. 

Even now, I would argue, that such conduct, pushing to unleash the Internal Revenue Service, against individual citizens who are forming groups is criminal in nature and he should be dragged before a grand jury in any event. 

Mark Levin also says that there is no way that Carl Levin did not communicate with the Obama campaign, the DNC, the Obama White House. He was working to shut down the groups that worked as an opposing voice and force to Obama prior to the 2012 election and he abused his position of power in the process. 

Calling this a massive cover-up and a massive abuse of power, Mark Levin said that Harry Reid is culpable in this scandal as well as this explains why he will not allow the Senate to participate in a serious investigation of the IRS abuses.


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