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Laura Ingraham on Kerry Flap: Left Rushes to 'Demonize' GOPers Who Misspeak

by Noah Rothman

In an appearance on Fox & Friends, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham found the lack of political fallout from Secretary of State John Kerry’s comments about Israel becoming an “apartheid” state if they did not soon adopt a two-state solution to be telling. She noted that “the left” often attacks conservatives and Republicans who misspeak, yet remained silent on this misstatement from Kerry in spite of its damaging and offensive nature.

“This comment doesn’t exist in a vacuum,” Ingraham began. She said that many suspected that President Barack Obama would preside over an administration that would take a more hostile approach to Israel’s concerns in the peace negotiation process. “It’s always Israel’s fault,” Ingraham said.

After noting that Kerry “misspoke,” and that she did not want to focus too extensively on the remark, Ingraham observed that the word “apartheid” is similar in its charged nature to the word “holocaust.”

“The left rushes to demonize people who are either Republican or conservative who misspeak,” Ingraham added. “I don’t want to do what they do.”

She said that there was plenty of problematic policies over which to criticize Kerry, rather than merely statements which the secretary said he regrets.

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