Greta demands Hillary remove ‘dishonest’ ad featuring her | Fox’s Van Susteren says Benghazi spot ‘is intended to convey a false message’ | Media Equalizer - Liar Liar!
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Greta demands Hillary remove ‘dishonest’ ad featuring her | Fox’s Van Susteren says Benghazi spot ‘is intended to convey a false message’ | Media Equalizer

An ad unveiled today by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is being denounced by Greta Van Susteren, who says it selectively edited her interview with Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC) to make it appear the Benghazi investigation is politically motivated.

Via her website, the Fox News Channel host has demanded the Clinton campaign remove her 81-second “Briefing” spot, also providing a transcript of the original program to prove Gowdy was not actually backing the Democratic presidential primary candidate’s claims.

Van Susteren sees the key discrepancy as “Chairman Gowdy saying ‘it could be’ when I pointed out that a delay in releasing the Benghazi report could be seen as political. The editing is grossly incomplete to give a false message. What the ad NEGLECTS to include is why the delay and who is causing the delay. This is hugely significant and where the HRC campaign is being intellectually dishonest with its edit.”

Here’s Hillary’s ad:

And here’s an excerpt of the original program transcript (with Van Susteren calling attention to the portion in italics, the still image below is taken from Clinton’s spot):

VAN SUSTEREN: And Benghazi Select Committee Chair Trey Gowdy joins us.

Nice to see you, sir.

GOWDY: Yes, ma’am, thank you.

VAN SUSTEREN: You realize if this comes out end of this year, the year 2016, the credibility is going to be pinched because people will say it’s political, you wait until Secretary Clinton was running for president.

GOWDY: It could be. Of course, that assume the report would be critical of her. I don’t make that assumption. We’re still in the process of gathering facts. If the report is not critical of her, then she would probably want it to come out closer to the election. But it’s not going to come out in the middle of 2016. I hope it doesn’t come out in 2016, period. I hope we are done before the end of this year. And I say hope because there are certain variables that I cannot control.

Hillary ad 01 July 2015
All right. What’s the problem? I mean, why isn’t this moving faster?

GOWDY: Documents. It is simple. It is whether or not the Department of State, the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense will honor our request for documents. Some of those requests are as old as two years old.

VAN SUSTEREN: It seems to me if you made requests by a certain date, drop-dead date, I would probably make some time in November of this year. I would say it’s pretty fair. In the courtroom, where both you and I are from, to draw an adverse inference, meaning it would be unfavorable to the administration.

GOWDY: To the administration, absolutely. If DOD were not producing documents to us, you could draw that inference. I’m reluctant to draw a negative inference about the Department of Defense or our military. You are right, in the courtroom that happens. I’m not sure the court of public opinion that people would want to draw a negative inference. I think they would just conclude, well, Gowdy, you finished too quick. You should have waited until the documents came in.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is Secretary Clinton cooperative?

GOWDY: Cooperative from the standpoint is she has never once evidenced a lack of willingness to come in to talk to us –

At the time of writing, the Clinton campaign had not removed the ad. On YouTube, it has generated 1990 views since being uploaded earlier today.

Though Van Susteren believes Hillary might not even be aware of the spot, she believes Clinton certainly has the power to demand it be removed. But isn’t a candidate ultimately responsible for all of his or her advertising material?

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