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Chamber of Commerce: Tea Party 'Hijacked' by 'Goofball' Candidates

Chamber of Commerce political strategist Scott Reed insisted that the Tea Party was part of their coalition - and warned that political consultants for “goofball” Senate candidates were hijacking them for their own needs.

“If you look at the Tea Party and who the members of the tea party are, they believe in the Constitution, they believe in free enterprise, they believe in less regulations, less taxes, infrastructure spending. I mean, you go through that agenda, that kind of sounds like the Chamber of Commerce on Main Street,” he said. “So we think the Tea Party is a winning part of our coalition. Now, when the Tea Party gets hijacked by a handful of consultants, we think that's wrong, and we're going to stand up.”

Reed made his comments during an interview with Politico’s Mike Allen and warned Republicans that they were in danger of losing the Senate in 2014 by nominating bad candidates.

“Nominating a few goofball candidates in a couple of these Senate races - that would cause them to fall apart,” he said.

Reed also stated that Speaker Boehner will keep his position in 2015, while other “noisier” members of Congress will not get elected.

“I think its 100% he'll be back next year,” he said. “I think he's going to have a good election, he's going to pick up seats, he'll grow his majority, and he'll be in a stronger position and there may be some of these noisier ones gone.”

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