BOMBSHELL: Emails Reveal What Hillary Was Doing During Benghazi... It's SICKENING - Liar Liar!
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BOMBSHELL: Emails Reveal What Hillary Was Doing During Benghazi... It's SICKENING

A new set of Hillary Clinton’s emails that were obtained through a federal lawsuit show that the former secretary of state responded to the Benghazi terror attack of 2012 not by taking swift action, but by having her top two aides, Philippe Reines and Cheryl Mills, run damage control.

Hillary had Mills tell then-State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland to effectively ignore questions pertaining to the status of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who died during the attack.

We know this because Hillary’s emails reference a “Benghazi Group,” which according to sources referred to a task force Mills led.

Nuland went on to help Ambassador Susan Rice piece together the infamous Benghazi talking points that falsely claimed the Benghazi attack was provoked by the release of an offensive Internet video.

So instead of being honest and upfront about what happened, Clinton immediately focused her team’s efforts on deflecting any potential blame from both herself and the White House.

These new emails add even further fuel to the controversy already surrounding Hillary, who still remains the most likely pick among 2016 Democrat presidential candidates.

The scandal initially erupted about a week ago when it became publicly known that the former secretary of state had managed her official business through a personal email account on a private server. Some suspect this was done purposefully, so as to keep information that might damage a future presidential campaign from the American public.

Indeed, it’s difficult to fathom any other reason for the former secretary of state to violate federal law in this manner.

While some of these emails have since become public, many  remain concealed, causing many to question what else she may be hiding. But America deserves to know the truth, so House Republicans are pushing to have all her emailed released.

However, spokeswoman Marie Harf refused to comment on whether the 55,000 pages of emails currently in the State Department’s hands will eventually be released or not, never mind the countless more email that Hillary may have on her private server, still undisclosed.

Harf did claim, though, that neither the White House nor Hillary were pressuring the State Department to not release them, reported Newsmax.

The House of Representatives panel tasked with investigating the Benghazi terror attack has since issued subpoenas for the emails as well as any others that Hillary may be hiding.

Hopefully, she will not be able to get away with concealing this information from the American public for very much longer.

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