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“It’s All BS!” Megyn Kelly Slams Dem Pollster’s Defense Of Obamacare

"Seriously? Seriously?".

Megyn Kelly has finally reached her limit of frustration as the Obamacare scandal continues to unfold.  On Tuesday night, she invited Democratic strategist and pollster Bernard Whitman on The Kelly File to debate the recent video footage of MIT economist Jonathan Gruber telling a conference that ObamaCare became law only because Democrats deceived both the American public and the Congressional Budget Office about the true nature and intent of the president’s health care takeover scheme.

Kelly told Whitman that Gruber has mislead the public about the true intent of Obamacare in the past:

He said in January that Obamacare was never meant to save money, don’t worry about that. But before it was passed, he said it was a deficit reducer, it was a cost effective step towards healthcare problems….Now he comes out and says,  all that stuff we said about taxes, that was B.S.  And this other stuff, it’s all B.S.  We had to do it, because we had to get this law passed, and sorry.

Whitman argued that while Gruber might be a decent policy expert, “he’s a political idiot.”

Whitman then went on to use the president’s term, “the fact is,” to list the successes of the Affordable Care Act, carefully avoiding the alternate title, “Obamacare”:

The fact is, the Affordable Care Act has brought down the deficit by almost $100 billion largely due to Medicaid reductions.

Not true. The Senate Budget Committee reports that the ACA will add $131 billion to the federal deficits over the period 2015 to 2024.

The fact is, the cost of healthcare is going down.  It went up 8% before this law, it’s now going up 4%.

Not true.  The primary cause of healthcare premiums rate hikes under Obamacare is the requirement that insurers must also cover high-risk consumers because they can no longer deny Americans with pre-existing conditions.  Also, many Americans are seeing much higher deductibles that will increase their out-of-pocket costs.

The fact is, 18% of Americans did not have health insurance before the law passed, that’s down to 13%.

True, according to Obamacarefacts.com:  

Over 15 million folks who didn’t have health insurance before the ACA was signed into law in 2010 are now covered bringing the total uninsured adults in the US from 18% to 13.4%.

Whitman wasted no time in telling the Fox News host that Obamacare has been a success and that “everybody knew exactly what they were getting.”

Kelly was shocked by his comments.

Oh my God.  Seriously?  Seriously?  Everyone knew what they were getting?  Is that what you want the viewers to believe?

Kelly buried her head in her hands saying, “My head is about to explode.”

Kelly argued that the law was passed “based on a lie.”

They rely on people that lie to our faces!

Open enrollment for healthcare insurance begins November 15th, 2014 and ends February 15th, 2015.

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